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How Your Diet and Oral Health are Related

Posted on 7/28/2015 by Tom Bierman
A woman on a diet eating a salad.Your diet plays an important role in the health of your teeth. If you do not eat a proper diet, your oral health will pay the price, as will your body.

If you decide that it is time to go on a diet, you could be providing your teeth with the help that they need to stay healthy. If you decide to diet, make sure to include the healthiest food for your teeth so that you are giving your all of your body what it needs.

Calcium Helps
Calcium is good for your oral health as well as your physical health. Choose low-fat dairy, such as cheese and milk to benefit both your physical and oral health. Cheese is known to make the mouth less acidic. This means that you will have less damage occur to the enamel of your teeth from the foods that you eat. Choose cheese and milk of the skim variety and you will make your teeth and body good.

Protein from Nuts is Helpful
Nuts and seeds are often a diet staple. They provide the protein that you need to build strong muscles as well as keep you fuller longer, allowing you to eat less in the long run. You should choose healthy nuts, such as almonds and walnuts in order to reap the most benefits. Nuts, just like cheese, help to neutralize the acidity in your mouth, giving your teeth the added benefit of being able to fight against tooth decay.

Quitting Sugar is Important
Most diets require you to eliminate sugar from the foods you consume. If you are eliminating refined sugar as well as a majority of natural sugars, found in fruits, you can help to keep your teeth healthy.

The most damaging foods with high amounts of sugar include processed cakes, cookies and candies, as well as soda. Even diet soda is not beneficial to your teeth or health and should be eliminated if you are trying to lose weight. As an added benefit of this change in your diet, you will have stronger teeth that are no longer being eaten away by the sugar content in the foods you eat.

Exercise without Sports Drinks
Exercise is one of the main ways to lose weight. Even if you eat the healthiest diet, you will not maximize your weight loss efforts without exercising. With sweating and working hard often comes the need to drink more. If you choose sports drinks because of the amount that you sweat or because you think it is what your body needs, you could be harming your oral health.

Sports drinks are filled with added sugar. When this sugar is combined with the acidity of the drinks, you are left with enamel that is severely damaged as a result. Avoid the sports drinks and choose water instead for the best treatment for your teeth.

Your diet and oral health are directly related. If you are choosing to go on a diet in order to lose some weight, know that you will be benefiting your teeth as well. Just pay close attention to the amount of sugar, both natural and refined that you are consuming in order to prevent damage to your teeth. When you include plenty of calcium, lean proteins, and vegetables you can give your body and your teeth the best chance at optimal health.

If you are concerned about what you are consuming on a daily basis, please call our office for an appointment. We are happy to discuss your diet with you and help you determine how to enhance your oral health so that you can save your natural teeth while you try to lose weight.

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